feeling low?

I bought some knitting and crochet materials, it was quite expensive around $1000
for knitting needles a crochet hook and four balls of Merino wool.

Crocheting was taking up too much wool so I ended up knitting.

 I'm currently training for a 15k run in 2weeks, I had relatively bad run today so I decided to dress up and cheer myself up!

What do you do when you feel ill?


This Little Asian said...

Ouch! That much for knitting/ crochet gear? No way!
You're looking good though ;)

When I'm ill I just sleep ^^'

x_pEpPeRoNi_x said...

You do crochet so well! :3 I always end up with uneven stitches.XD

Btw, i see you are using #7 needles, are they easier to knit with than #5 needles? Mine is #5 and I use it with sport-weight yarn... I've only just gotten started recently and am quite new to this....^_^