Beautiful Taiwan

I've been having a few mini adventures during my time in Taiwan, but now I have 3 hours of uni everyday, a test every other day and then homework everyday, so my adventures have ceased for a while.


On my last day at the hostel, another hostel stayer invited a couple of out to a random town, so I was like why not? ...We ended up on a 2 hour coach ride while still hungover, but it was a fun experience! 

You can read more at my room mate's blog


I've also splashed out a bit, but since I can't open a bank account I really need to look at my budget.  
Also I bought a pink Polaroid in Hong Kong, it's so cute! 

 Alot of my film got damaged from airport security, I sent a letter of complaint, but they haven't replied to my response, basically film can only go through X-ray scanners so many times, and even when I showed them the packaging which says DO NOT X-RAY they refused a hand inspection, however in Hong Kong they hand inspected it just fine. I really love Hong Kong airport.

Also went to Ikea! The food was so good.  


I haven't been that adventurous with my outfits, but I wanted to show off my stomach!

 After 3 months of doing sit ups everyday (app here), I finally have  flat-ish stomach! ...but now because of my running I'm trying to gain 2kg, 

Catch you guys later!  
I hope I'll to go to the hot springs this weekend too! 


Charlotte said...

So glad to see you are finally posting pictures! Taiwan looks wonderful. Missing you ♥

★ L i S A said...

congrats for getting your desired flat stomach! :3

Reen Reen said...

aw go the abs! love the hello kitty framed polaroids too

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Snuggles said...

Lookin good girl. You should let us know your progress for running!

Having classes in different classes in another country must be so fun.

LoveChloe said...

Wow! I love your abs! They look really nice :)!!! Looks like your having heaps of fun in Taiwan! :D
By the way would you like to follow each other via GFC? Let me know :)