Sewing Bee

 The last week of England I was really busy trying to use up my fabric pile, I ended up buying more fabric...


I made a halter neck dress with fabric, that was given to me by a friend, let's call them Secret Agent Ossum.
I look swishing around in it, it makes me so happy! It's so colourful, I hope it matches the weather.

I also made this sweet polka dot skirt!

It features little roses, but I didn't buy enough, so I'll have to finish it off when I get back to UK! 

I also have another project to finish when I come back! 

I was one panel short for my cherry dress though! WHY?!

I also sewed a Sailor Cutsew

Do you have any current sewing projects?

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Joei Phua said...

wow! you can really sew! I tried taking sewing lessons once, and at the end of the 10 sessions or something, I still could not complete my black dress -.- how did you do it!!