Sailor's Log: Hong Kong 2013

cred to Captain and his awesome camera

Hong Kong Island

Hong Kong was an experience, I did all of the touristy things with my personal tour guide the Captain and became a little bit more confident with my terrible Cantonese. 90% of the time I was just shouting DIM GAI AH (why) whenever something was out of stock or not cheap, or just for shits and giggles. 

they have fitness centres for the elderly in the parks!

I visited Snoopyland where Captain pretended to be crashing a bus, the Giant Buddha, Victoria Peak and also parks and swimming pools and alot of McDonalds.

I'm going back to Hong Kong for the weekend! I think I'll just be seeing my family though.

What's the best tourist city for you?
I've been recommended that Berlin is one to visit! Maybe next year tehe. 

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