Bubble Tea Düsseldorf!

For our last holiday together the Captain and I went to Germany for a weekend! Apart from mean airport security (they damaged my photography film), Germany was nice laid back holiday.

It consisted of alot of Haribo, photos and bubble tea.

 Haribo and bad puns

Haribo figure and icecream

 bubble tea overdose

We went to have bubble tea at Bobo Q, where the staff spoke Mandarin, German, English and Japanese! The city is so diverse, the staff even asked us to help complete a survey with free samples to try, we drank around 5 jumbo sized drinks between us and went through the whole flavoured tea menu altogether!

The Captain had his first Döner in Germany, he wasn't sure how to eat it.

 first Döner

We also traveled to the Rheinturm, where the scene was so pretty; we didn't realise how close everything was and took the tram everywhere. Luckily the day tickets weren't too costly! We had too much fun stamping our tickets, the stamping still confuses me! 


 along the Rhein

The weather was so hot and beautiful for the whole weekend. We were really lucky.
 And the cherry on top of the holiday was Ronald Mcdonald!

 too happy to see him again

There was another one, but I couldn't find it. I asked several people, we were running around like crazy trying to find the 2nd figure.

Is there a Ronald McDonald near you?
I want to see them all. All of them...


This Little Asian said...

I have NEVER come across a Ronald McDonald, I'm going to have to find one one day...

Snuggles said...

Despite being in America, I've never come across a Ronald McDonald lol. I've been throughout the city, suburbs, and traveled to the south annnd nothing.

That doner looks amazing... god I'm hungry.

x_pEpPeRoNi_x said...

Ohmmmyy, you really do have a thing for Ronalds!! XD They're kind of vintage here, you'd never find them in newly opened ones. I remember there used to be one near my school in secondary. It's been there for as long as I can remember! :P

you really go all over the world to find them eh??

Have you seen him in Taiwan yet? ;)

x_pEpPeRoNi_x said...

I absolutely love döners, I honestly don't know the proper way to eat it, I just... eat it. :D

Planning a trip to Germany end of this year, Munich. I have Düsseldorf lined up for next year. XD

Have you traveled across Germany by train? It's something I'd like to try. :3