Summer Heaven

Hong Kong was amazing and I'm going back again next month, August is going to be a busy month as I will be going to Germany, Hong Kong and Taiwan and also be sitting my placement test in late August. 

Since coming back from HK I've just been sorting out Visas and packing/unpacking, I really miss blogging, but other things take more importance atm :<


Piperita Patty said...

Life is more important than blogging! Have a great summer!

Snuggles said...

Mhmm Life isss more important than blogging.

Thank you for replying to my posts for so long, I really do appreciate it.

People's interests change constantly, blogging is fun, but there will be things to get your attention away from blogging so it's alright! This is especially true if you are traveling as you are haha.

But hey let's keep in touch, I'll follow you on twitter since you've been active on it as of late.