Real Housewives: Lolita Edition

I gained two wives during uni.
Sophie and Rachel you've made my life a delight!

 doing wifey stuff

We met up several times throughout the year to craft and cook, it was great. We met through Lolita meets. I feel really lucky to have such sweet wives! 

 totoro macarons, cute pizza

strike a pose!

Lolita isn't as big of a thing for me anymore, mainly because of cost and time. I'll always return to it though, damn those prints are always attractive! I'm going to miss you guys!

MSI - Never Wanted to Dance


Snuggles said...

Mmm that pizza looks gooooood.

Ice Pandora said...

Hey there! Long time no checking!
I hope you are doing well c:
The lolita meeting sounds like
a fun thing really. Those pizza
is bearshape is just to cute to
eat it up! XX