Losing Weight on Holiday

I honestly thought I was going to gain weight whilst in Hong Kong, but I did the opposite. Captain dropped two belt notches within two weeks aswell. So I thought I would share how I lost 3kg unintentionally 

 Usual Food Intake

Sharing is caring right? Well we just halved everything, it reduced costs and it meant we had room to try more foods. The humidity and the heat made us lose our appetite and we just wanted cold drinks. The tasty healthy dessert Hui Lau Shan place was also an advantage!

Hui Lau Shan Desserts  

So my only tips are
 halving some portions
drinking plenty of water,
having small breakfasts, especially if the food of that land is really tasty, I knew I would eat every cake in sight so I only had fruit in the morning.

Of course when I met my relatives I ate around triple the amount  of a normal day.
It'd be rude not right?

I'm still of healthy BMI and fit and healthy, I haven't gained any weight back on since coming back since I've joined the gym and taken dancing lessons.


DWei said...

I have an extremely low BMI. I really need to get around to gaining some weight.

x_pEpPeRoNi_x said...

How I miss Hong Kong!

My food intake changes as well when I travel. XD Usually I tend to eat more, snacking here and there, and stuffing myself with more local snacks (=junkfood). But I also tend to walk more than I usually do, so it pretty much cancels out.XD

Snuggles said...

Eating just that amount of food will definitely help you lose weight lol. I don't see any hamburgers It's kinda interesting to see it from a girl's perspective since as a guy we get eat a bit more.

But yah, eat below your the amount of calories you need to maintain your body will help you lose weight =) Good to see you joining the gym!

Puchi said...

hi dear~ thank you for your sweet comment❤ I can imagine, that loosing weight in Honk Kong must be really difficult... so many yummy things around every corner >.<'