Little Miss Busy

I passed first year uni, I'm so glad the first year doesn't count towards my final degree. I originally wanted to keep this blog kinda anonymous, but that didn't go well, I'm crap at keeping secrets, but oh well, I determined to be more positive, and find my rebellious side again!

So let's sum up first year uni?

It's was quite depressing,stressful, and it wasn't as great as I thought it would, I ended up hating my flatmates, and debating if I was even on the right course, but I joined a rifle club, met my current partner (the Captain), made some great friends, got pierced again, travelled to Germany and Hong Kong and have started pole dancing lessons (I'm 19).

Bisley 2013

I shot my first black powder pistol, I've been shooting since I was around 13, it's not something I usually bring up in daily conversations though.

 gothed up

I'm more comfortable experimenting with my clothes and wearing what I wanted,it has resulted in being asked about S&M though...


I'm still crafting and sewing! I'm currently knitting a Batman Jumper and trying to sew up all of my fabric, since I can't take my sewing machine with me to Taiwan.

 baking, desserts

I'm still baking with the Captain and discovered a passion for desserts!
So I hope this catch up makes you feel like you know me more :


Josie said...

Yay well done for passing! I know plenty of people who hated first year but loved the second so hopefully it'll get better, I'm sure it will! xxx

x_pEpPeRoNi_x said...

You have a more exciting first year than I did. XD

I also doubted whether I was taking the right course, I think that happens to everyone. I found myself buried in textbooks (not that I like it). And about your flatmates-- I can only say it's just a matter of time.o_O

What I looked forward to was French Class at the end of the week, sneaking off to the mall with my friends between breaks, and spending time with my (then) boyfriend.

The key if finding your own de-stressor, and I see you're pretty good at that! ;D

Are you heading to Taiwan for a summer Chinese course? I also went there for a summer course some years ago but during March-April. :P