Red Plaid Girl or Just Momoko

I went to a Lolita meet, I love dressing up and how different I can make myself look, as if I'm playing a different person.

heart lace, and bows

Baby The Stars Shine Bright Dress
Heart Buckle Bodyline Shoes
Handmade Blouse
Handmade Hair Ties
Handmade Sock Toppers

The Lolita Meet was a 'Geek Meet' so I decided to use Momoko from Kamikaze Girls as my inspiration. 

I made the blouse specially for this outfit.

pinning and cutting

finished finally

It was so painfully difficult, just like university and life.

I wished I blogged more often, but I'm failing, so it looks like I'll just be scheduling posts.

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~*~ pEpPeRoNi ~*~ said...

So frilly, the blouse looks very nice! :D The sock toppers are genius as well. XD