Tartan Girl

Playing games, all afternoon.

Disney uno

 everything tartan

chokers, wristcuffs, pigtails and bows 

secret pockets

Sometimes I wish I could sew all the time. 
The pattern came from an old Gothic Lolita Bible


Carmen Ri said...

The dress is adorable! Love tartan!

Carmen Ri.

Ice Pandora said...

Hey Naka! Long time no see!
Is this your new blog?

Your sewing skill is so
amazing, you really should
consider to open a shop c:


Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

Hello Naka! I'm guessing this is your new blog. Anyways, you look super cute and I like the dress you're wearing. ^^

~*~ pEpPeRoNi ~*~ said...

And here I was wondering where Naka could have gone.:D

This dress looks absolutely wonderful; I love how uniformly the plaid (pattern) is sewn and it fits you so nicely! (I wish I had at least half of your sewing skills! :3 Lol)

Cheers to having a new blog! :D

Piperita Patty said...

I have a real passion for tartan and as every spring I'm in a nautical mood so I really like the theme of your new blog. Your dress is awesome!

DWei said...

Heh, I like how you've carefully hidden your face in all the pictures taken. :P