Stab Me again and again

I got pierced again, I'm so happy that things went well. 

Although I still get nervous taking out my ear piercing that I got in Hong Kong last Summer; I feel so much happier with myself because of a bit of metal stabbed into me.


taking 30mins to change my helix piercing 

I need more sailor related things.

hand-drawn anchor an anchor tattoo,  but I guess I have to make do with waterproof eyeliner.

Thank you for coming with me.
Although I'm really grateful you wanted to come into the room, I'm glad you didn't and I somehow still did it by myself, that it wasn't connected to anyone but me. I did it for me and I'm so happy.

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Piperita Patty said...

Waterproof eyelyner is a great idea! I have to buy one to draw fake tattoos too!