Accidental Spy

I found our her name pretty easily by accident; I wish I wasn't so observational, they say curiousity killed the cat, but curiousity killed my self esteem.
 It's not funny to lie to me either.

cupcakes and rifles

It's as if the sweet life has some dangerous consequences to it.


Natasha said...
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DWei said...

Yes, no one will ever spot such a cleverly hidden gun.

It's the perfect disguise.

Carmen Ri said...

Those cupcakes look so yummy! Wow, I haven't listened to Emilie Autumn in years :)

Carmen Ri.

~*~ pEpPeRoNi ~*~ said...

Where in the world did you find such a thing? Haha. :P

The cupcakes look really good btw! :D~

テレザ said...

Haha this is amazing^^
I also hope we can meet in Japan! (T.T)

Natasha said...

You have a new blog Grace? Ahhh, the cupcakes are lovely! Hope you're well. xxx

Carmen Ri said...

You should definitely take the plunge and get a crop top! They're so much fun and even if you don't feel comfortable exposing your stomach, they're good for layering too :)

Carmen Ri.